Jinkai builds peaceful, thriving and economically viable communities  

Why Jinkai?

Our housing model is a creative and professionally executed design solution from students in Nigeria’s Architecture schools. The students desired to connect people and places – to honour tradition, relate to the land, bring comfort, use local materials, celebrate culture, investigate the future, and create a ‘home’ above shelter.

Over 2 million persons have been displaced in Northeast, Northcentral and Northwest Nigeria due to ethnoreligious violence. Most of this population are women and children, bearing the brunt of the effects.

We focus on
rural housing…

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Some of the challenges in Northern Nigeria

Shelter Shortage

 Nigeria presently has at least a 17-million-unit housing shortfall, according to various sources, including the World Bank.

Religious Persecution

Jinkai shelter initiative has the potential to significantly improve the situation, delivering housing at a fraction of the cost of conventional approaches.

Displaced People

Jinakai initiative focuses on rural housing and, as envisioned, could

potentially halt or slow down rural-urban migration.

Mother of 4 left homeless

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Jinkai partners with The Great Commission Foundation to continue supporting displaced families. Donors can be eligible for tax deductions in Canada and USA. 
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